Daniel R. Lucey

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Daniel R. Lucey, MD, MPH is a Senior Scholar with the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. He is also an adjunct Professor of Medicine-Infectious Diseases at Georgetown University Medical Center. He has taught at Georgetown for 17 years focusing on Outbreaks, Pan-Epidemics, and Pandemics. Since 2001 he has been involved on the ground with anthrax, smallpox vaccination, SARS (China, Canada), H5N1 avian flu (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Egypt), Pandemic Flu (USA, Egypt), MERS (Middle East, Korea), Ebola (Sierra Leone, Liberia with MSF at ELWA-3), Zika (Brazil, USA), Yellow Fever (Kinshasa, Beijing), Chikungunya (Karachi, Islamabad), H7N9 (China), and Plague (Madagascar).

August 7, 2014 he proposed an Exhibit on Epidemics to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. It will be open from May 18, 2018 until 2021. The lead curator is an Anthropologist Dr. Sabrina Sholts. Dr. Lucey worked extensively with the Smithsonian team on the content (e.g., One Health, HIV, Ebola, pandemic influenza, Zika, SARS, MERS, avian influenza, Nipah, and with global colleagues who provided their expertise and perspectives). He has been a research associate in Anthropology at the Museum since 2017.

His infectious disease training and MPH were at Harvard 1985-88 after medical residency at UCSF & San Francisco General Hospitals during the recognition of the AIDS pandemic 1982-85, and after Medical School and College at Dartmouth. He served as an Attending Physician in Infectious Diseases in San Antonio, Texas and at the National Institutes of Health, and as ID Chief at the 900-bed Washington Hospital Center in DC 1998-2002 during 9/11 and anthrax.

Selected Publications


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