LL.M. Programs

Issues of health are increasingly transnational in scope and involve complex legal issues. Georgetown Law offers two innovative LL.M. programs examining global health law issues: Global Health Law and Global Health Law and International Institutions.

Global Health Law LL.M.

The Global Health Law Program offers lawyers working nationally and internationally the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills through focused studies in core legal and policy courses on global health, individual and public health, human rights, trade law, bioethics, international economics, environmental law, biotechnology, and science. Additional coursework may focus on other areas of legal interest, including disabilities, insurance, intellectual property, and refugees. Significant opportunities for independent student research exist and many students also secure externship placements at national and international organizations.

This innovative, full- or part-time intensive course of study under the faculty direction of Professor Lawrence O. Gostin is open to highly qualified candidates in public and private sectors with their J.D. (or a first degree in law from outside the United States) and strong interests or backgrounds in global and domestic health laws and policies.

Global Health Law and International Institutions LL.M.

Georgetown University Law Center in partnership with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland also offers a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Global Health Law and International Institutions. This innovative, intensive course of study is open to highly qualified candidates in public and private sectors with their J.D. (or a first degree in law from outside the United States) and strong interest or background in global health law and policy. Students may begin their coursework at Georgetown on a full- or part-time basis. After completion of one full-time semester or up to three part-time semesters at Georgetown, students will complete the program with a full-time spring semester at the Graduate Institute and an internship in Geneva.


With 118 full time faculty, Georgetown is able to offer the most comprehensive legal curriculum in the nation: more than 400 courses and seminars. We offer over 30 courses in global or domestic health law as part of our Global Health Law LL.M. program, including: Global Health Law; Health and Human Rights; International Trade and Health; Biosecurity and the Law; International Assistance for Global Health; Food and Drug Law; and Trade, Intellectual Property Rights and Public Health.

Externships and Graduate Independent Research

Students may elect to participate in an externship or supervised Graduate Independent Research in their second semester. In the past, externship opportunities have included placements at the World Health Organization, the Food and the Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health, Public Citizen and Human Rights Watch. In addition to pursuing Graduate Independent Research with individual faculty members, the Global Health Law LL.M. program offers a lunchtime workshop to provide aspiring scholars an opportunity to present and receive feedback their scholarship, gain experience at delivering a scholarly talk, and learn about the academic publishing process.

Our Students

The Global Health Law LL.M. program attracts students with excellent academic credentials and a demonstrated interest in the field of health law. Health law and policy are increasingly global and interdisciplinary and our students’ backgrounds and interests reflect that. More than one-third of the program’s students have been foreign trained lawyers from Asian, Africa, Central and South America, India, Europe and Australia.

As part of their program, Global Health Law LL.M. students are given the unique opportunity to engage with the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. Students are integrated into the O’Neill Institute in many ways and may work on the Institute’s projects as research assistants, enroll in its practicum courses and attend the many symposia and events hosted by the Institute. A Mentorship Program partners students with O’Neill Institute Project Directors, Associates and Fellows to help provide guidance in career development and to build a network of global health lawyers.