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Who will lead the TB response?

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“We will have to put poor people from affected communities at the centre of our response. We will have to organise and mobilise. And then be willing to hold our governments to account.” ~ Anele Yawa, General Secretary of the Treatment Action Campaign   A turning point for tuberculosis? This could be a big year […]

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Legal Barriers, Stigma and Discrimination Drive TB Among Migrants

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.   Image:   Globally, the number of international migrants continues to increase. Yet, gaping health barriers continue to impede the realization of their right to health and undermine efforts in the fight against TB. In 2017 there were 258 million international migrants, an increase of 49% since 2000.[1] Migrants face many barriers accessing health services, […]

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Human Rights in Global Health: Rights-Based Governance for a Globalizing World

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This article was written by Benjamin Mason Meier, Associate Professor of Global Health Policy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Lawrence Gostin, Faculty Director, O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University.  Human rights impact global health.  By advancing human rights under international law as a basis for public health, international human rights law offers global standards […]

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A Rights-Based Approach Is Required to End TB by 2030

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Photo: Hindustan Times Tomorrow is World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, which commemorates March 24, 1882, when Dr. Robert Koch announced that he had discovered the cause of TB, mycobacterium tuberculosis. Today, TB is preventable, treatable and curable. Yet in 2016 there were 10.4 million new TB cases and 1.7 million deaths—a higher number of deaths than […]

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Add your voice: global consultation on a comprehensive approach to health equity begins in April

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Your opportunity to influence what could be an important new tool to address health equity is fast approaching. Beginning on April 9, we will be launching a global consultation on a draft guide to a promising approach to addressing vast health inequities within countries, National Health Equity Strategies. We invite you to join us. The […]

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The Mysterious “Disease X"

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This week, the World Health Organization released a list of diseases that have the potential to cause public health emergencies, and that have no efficacious drugs or vaccines.  The list was meant to direct and prioritize research and development and included some familiar names: Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Ebola and Marburg virus diseases, and Lassa fever.  […]

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This post was written by Michelle Rourke, visiting Fulbright Scholar from the Griffith Law School in Brisbane, Australia. Her article “Never Mind the Science, Here’s the Convention on Biological Diversity: Viral Sovereignty in the Smallpox Destruction Debate” was published in this month’s issue of the Journal of Law and Medicine. You probably don’t need any […]

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The Ebola Footprint – Broader Than You Think

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This post was coauthored by Tom Vincent and Dr. Jean-Paul Gonzalez.  Dr. Gonzalez is the Deputy Director of the Center of Excellence in Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases at Kansas State University.   Ebola virus disease is a hemorrhagic febrile illness that has case-fatality rates that vary from 32% to 88% across well-studied outbreaks.  Thankfully, the number of […]

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Join a Global Conversation on a New Approach to Reducing Health Inequities

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The realities of health inequities may be too well known to shock us any longer. People in richer countries live longer than those in poorer countries. And within countries, people who are rich live longer than people who are poor, people with more education longer than people with little schooling. Practically everywhere, certain populations, like […]

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Discrimination Against People Affected by Leprosy and the Groundbreaking Case of Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy vs. Union of India & Others

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  Many thanks to Yashaswini Mittal for her significant contributions to this article, and especially for her and her team’s work at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy fighting stigma and discrimination against people affected by leprosy in India, through their groundbreaking public interest litigation. image: Last Sunday was World Leprosy Day, an annual opportunity […]

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