Rebecca Reingold

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Rebecca B. Reingold, J.D., is a Senior Associate at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. She holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Washington School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Middlebury College. Rebecca’s work in the field of global health law focuses primarily on health and human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, and violence against women and girls in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Prior to joining the O’Neill Institute, Rebecca served as an Advocacy Coordinator at International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region. There, she advocated for the advancement of sexual and reproductive rights in global and regional United Nations processes and provided technical assistance to NGO partners from Latin America and the Caribbean. Rebecca also conducted research on a range of topics relating to the intersection of health and human rights to support the work of Women’s Link Worldwide, the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Pan American Health Organization. Additionally, she served on the Board of Directors of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.


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Selected Publications


Reingold, Rebecca B, and Lawrence O Gostin. "Sexual Assaults Among University Students - Prevention, Support, and Justice." JAMA 314, no. 5 (2015): 447-448.