CALL FOR PAPERS: Judicialization of Health Rights in Latin America


While countries across the world seek to make progress towards universal health coverage, they must balance two essential ethical imperatives that may conflict: to set national spending priorities fairly and efficiently; and to safeguard the right to health. This Special Section will examine the equilibrium between those two potentially differing imperatives in the context of Latin America. It will focus on the judicialization of health rights, the role of priority setting, different research methodologies and the measurement of impact beyond health outcomes.

Publication Details

The Health and Human Rights Journal is calling for papers to be published in a special section in June 2018 on Judicialization of health rights in Latin America. The special section will be edited by Octavio Ferraz, Reader in Transnational Law at King’s College London and Alicia Ely Yamin, Program Director of the Health and Human Rights Initiative at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law.

Health and Human Rights Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal under the editorship of Partners in Health co-founder Paul Farmer. It is published twice yearly by Harvard University Press, with new issues released in June and December. There are no publication fees unless authors can use open access publication grants.

Paper Topics

Potential paper topics will focus specifically on:

  • Research methodologies and assessments of impacts beyond health outcomes
  • Social movements, discourse, political, symbolic, individual impacts of judicialization of health rights in Latin America.
  • Methodological challenges related to the availability of information and statistics.
  • Divergence of research methods and its impact on the assessment of health outcomes.
  • How to evaluate non-health outcomes of judicialization in Latin America
  • Interpretations of the right to health and the role of priority-setting in the pursuit of the full realization of health rights
  • Socio-economic background analysis and multilevel/multidisciplinary studies.
  • Distributional benefits and geospatial studies.
  • Sociological analysis of non-litigating individuals.
  • Criteria for budget allocation in differing political and socio-cultural contexts: the role of prioritization strategies.
  • Need for accountability, transparency, monitoring and compliance of health rights.
  • Health rights judicial remedies structuring in Latin America
  • Institutional capacity and its effects on the enforcement of judicial remedies.
  • Power asymmetries in health policy-making.
  • Country-based studies on institutional participation on health systems.
  • Impacts of the exclusion from health systems and the need for re-thinking judicial remedies.

Submission Details

  • Papers must be submitted by 31 October 2017
  • Papers have a maximum word length of 7,000 words, including references.
  • Author guidelines are available on the website:

Questions about this special section can be directed to Octavio Ferraz,; Alicia Ely Yamin,; or Carmel Williams, Executive Editor, Health and Human Rights Journal at

Thematic Area: Health and Human Rights

Status: Active