White Papers And Reports

Selected Project Resources

Kavanagh, Matthew M, and Vuyiseka Dubula-Majola. "PEPFAR Policy at the Front Lines in South Africa: Report on Interviews in Public-Sector Facilities." (2018).

"Reorganization and the Future of PEPFAR." O'Neill Institute report (2017).

Lindblom, Eric N, Micah Berman, and James Thrasher. "The Legal Framework for Using Tobacco Product Inserts and Onserts to Help Consumers Make More Informed Choices and to Reduce Tobacco Use Harms." O'Neill Institute Working Paper No. 2 (2016).

Glasner, Aliza Y., Erin E. Wilhelm, Lawrence O. Gostin, and Ira Shoulson. "Facilitating Medical Product Development Through Voluntary Data Sharing: A Look At The Legal Issues." Georgetown University Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (CERSI) (2014).

Taylor, Allyn L, and John Thorpe. "Strengthening the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control's Monitoring Mechanism: An Agenda for Reform." O'Neill Institute White Paper, September 30, 2014.