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COVID-19 In the News

June 4, 2021

Experts see strides on AIDS, but COVID-19 halted progress, feat. Jeffrey Crowley, Associated Press

South America Is the Only Continent Where COVID Is Still Getting Worse Thanks to Bolsonaro Shitshow, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Daily Beast

June 3, 2021

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis calls CDC a ‘bureaucratic virus’ over vaccine requirements for cruise ships, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Palm Beach Post

June 2, 2021

Japan hosts COVID-19 vaccine fundraising summit, feat. Lawrence Gostin, RN Broadcast

June 1, 2021

Understanding the Covid-19 Lab-Leak Theory, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, Rolling Stone

Covid-19 vaccines burnt as shelf-life complicates global rollout, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, Financial Times

Thousands of Health Care Workers in DC Area Have Yet to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19, feat. Lawrence Gostin, NBC Washington

Why you shouldn’t get a COVID antibody test after a vaccine, feat. Jesse Goodman, PBS NewsHour

May 30, 2021

Can employers require a COVID-19 vaccine? Federal agency says yes, and they can offer incentives, too, feat. Lawrence Gostin, USA Today

May 28, 2021

Biden’s renewed focus on covid origins ramps up pressure on WHO for more aggressive investigation, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Washington Post

What’s behind the resurgence of Covid-19 ‘lab leak theory’ in America?, feat. Lawrence Gostin, The Straits Times

May 27, 2021

More Nursing Homes Are Requiring Staff COVID-19 Vaccinations, feat. Lawrence Gostin, AARP

May 26, 2021

Politics central in push to find COVID-19 origin, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, Associated Press

May 25, 2021

Inquiry Into Covid-19’s Origins Splits U.S. and China, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Wall Street Journal

Georgetown expert says claims of vaccine requirements infringe on constitutional rights are not true, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Fox 5 DC

May 21, 2021

Most employers shy away from mandating coronavirus vaccines, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Washington Post

May 20, 2021

Will the World Health Assembly adopt a pandemic treaty?, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Devex

May 19, 2021

CDC back under scrutiny after new mask guidance, feat. Lawrence Gostin, The Hill

‘Vaccine passports’ may be critical for equity, but polarization could undermine efforts, feat. Lawrence Gostin, PBS NewsHour

Biden’s CDC Chief Keeps Changing Her Story—and Confusing Everyone, feat. Lawrence Gostin, The Daily Beast

Fact check: Businesses can legally ask if patrons have been vaccinated. HIPAA does not apply., feat. Lawrence Gostin, USA Today

May 18, 2021

These Are Your Rights If You Don’t Feel Safe At Work Without A Mask, feat. Lawrence Gostin, HuffPost

From employer mandates to TV ads: What full FDA approval could mean for Covid vaccines, feat. Lawrence Gostin, CNBC

May 17, 2021

India’s COVID crisis: Professor Lawrence Gostin decodes the situation in India, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Times Now News

May 15, 2021

What Would It Take to Vaccinate the World Against Covid?, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, New York Times

New mask guidance puts onus on businesses, feat. Lawrence Gostin, The Hill

May 14, 2021

Risk tolerance for vaccinated Americans put to test with mask guidance, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Axios

“Fully vaccinated can drop the masks, skip social distancing”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Associated Press

“‘Great day for America’: Vaccinated can largely ditch masks”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Associated Press

“CDC says fully vaccinated Americans no longer need masks indoors or outdoors in many cases”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Washington Post

“Analysis | Power Up: Biden goes maskless, signaling a big change for country”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Washington Post

“Risk tolerance for vaccinated Americans put to test with mask guidance”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Axios

Did the coronavirus come directly from animals or was it released from a lab? Top American scientists join call for answers., feat. Lawrence Gostin, USA Today

“With New Mask Guidance Comes the Challenge of Following It”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Consumer Health News

New mask guidelines: Great for some, confusing for others. What experts say this does to the CDC’s credibility., feat. Lawrence Gostin, USA Today

CDC: Leading on COVID, or Leading from Behind?, feat. Lawrence Gostin, WebMD

CDC cheered and criticized for new mask guidance; retail workers don’t want to be vaccine ‘police’, feat. Lawrence Gostin, CNBC

May 13, 2021

CDC says fully vaccinated Americans no longer need masks indoors or outdoors in many cases, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Washington Post

America Can No Longer Wait to Help Vaccinate the World, feat. Lawrence Gostin, The Atlantic

The US joined the push to waive COVID-19 vaccine patents. Will it actually help?, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Popular Science

New Mask Guidance Is a Huge Gamble, Experts Say, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Daily Beast

When will COVID-19 vaccines be widely available globally?, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, Associated Press

May 12, 2021

“Panel suggests WHO should have more power to stop pandemics”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Associated Press

“WHO ‘needs more powers’ says independent panel co-chair Helen Clark”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Devex

“Devex CheckUp: WHO’s problem? Too much diplomacy, not enough transparency”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Devex 

“How can we stop the next pandemic? Here’s what WHO panel recommends”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Reuters

“International panel calls for overhaul of pandemic preparedness efforts”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, STAT News

“Analysis | Expert panel says mistakes led to coronavirus pandemic, but stops short of holding countries, leaders to account”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Washington Post

“Inquiry Into Early Covid-19 Response Finds WHO Delays but Spares China”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Wall Street Journal

“‘A toxic cocktail:’ Panel delivers harsh verdict on the world’s failure to prepare for pandemic”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Science

“International panel calls for overhaul of pandemic preparedness efforts”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, PBS News Hour

“Panel details failures that unleashed pandemic, urges bold steps”, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

Quantum drums, COVID patents and head injuries, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, Nature

Here’s How America Could Actually Vaccinate the World, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Daily Beast

May 10, 2021

The Next Big COVID Disaster Could Be Here, feat. Lawrence Gostin and Ngozi Erondu, Daily Beast

FDA authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for younger teens, moving US ‘closer to returning to a sense of normalcy’, feat. Lawrence Gostin, USA Today

May 7, 2021

Countries Need Covid Vaccines Now, and Patent Waivers Won’t Deliver Them, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Bloomberg

Proof of COVID vaccination for eating out — or flying? What Americans say in new poll, feat. Lawrence Gostin, McClatchy DC Bureau

Montana Tribe Gifts Vaccines to First Nations Neighbors Across Canadian Border, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, Daily Kos

May 6, 2021

Can Biden’s Vaccine Patent Waiver End the Pandemic?, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, Foreign Policy 

What it means for the U.S. to back waivers on coronavirus vaccine patents, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, Washington Post

This Small Canadian Drugmaker Wants to Make J&J Vaccines for Poor Nations. It Needs More Than a Patent Waiver., feat. Mara Pillinger, Kaiser Health News

Waiver of patent rights on Covid-19 vaccines, in near term, may be more symbolic than substantive, feat. Lawrence Gostin, STAT News

Experts give Biden high grades on global health leadership, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Devex

Pfizer, BioNTech to Donate Covid Vaccines to Tokyo Olympics Athletes, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Wall Street Journal

In shock move, US backs waiving patents on COVID vaccines, feat. Matthew Kavanagh, Nature

May 5, 2021

Biden administration supports waiving intellectual property rules on vaccines, feat. Lawrence Gostin and Matthew Kavanagh, Los Angeles Times

Biden Decision To Back Waiving Patents For Covid Vaccines Sparks Industry Backlash, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Forbes

May 4, 2021

Bill and Melinda Gates divorce could shake up philanthropy, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Associated Press

Waiving Patents On Covid-19 Vaccines Isn’t Enough To Speed Up Production, feat. Lawrence Gostin, Forbes

The Memo: Biden moves into new phase of COVID-19 fight, feat. Lawrence Gostin, The Hill