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Global Health Law Programs

As part of its mission to create long term solutions to the most pressing health problems, the O’Neill Institute draws on its intellectual strengths to develop capacity-building programs to train the next generation of health lawyers. Emerging and future public health crises will require strong and robust legal responses, and the Institute is committed to training lawyers so that they may best address future challenges.

Our capacity building programs teach future leaders how to apply research and policies, and how to litigate issues with the practice of law. The programs are intended to expose law students and lawyers to a diversity of topics in the field of health law including health and human rights, global health and governance, infectious disease, non-communicable disease, global health security, tobacco control, food and drug law, regulatory environments, among others.

The capacity-building programs are for U.S. and foreign law students and lawyers alike. The internship program is for current law students who have an interest in health law and would like to gain technical and research experience in the field. The LL.M. program is for lawyers who wish to supplement their legal training and develop their knowledge and skills in health law. Our fellowship program is a one-year program for early career lawyers to develop their skills and experience relating to numerous health issues.