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J.D. Programs

The O’Neill Institute also responds to pressing health concerns by educating future researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and scholars. We help prepare Georgetown Law graduates to engage in multi-disciplinary conversations about national and international health law and policy through innovative multi-disciplinary courses and research assistant opportunities.


J.D./LL.M. degrees enable Georgetown J.D. students to earn an LL.M. degree with an additional one (rather than two) full-time semester after completion of the J.D. degree. The degree designation allows global health law-focused specialty courses taken during the upper class J.D. years to also satisfy criteria for the LL.M.

The addition of the LL.M. in Global Health Law offers future lawyers the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills through focused studies in core legal and policy courses on global health, individual and public health, human rights, trade law, bioethics, international economics, environmental law, biotechnology, and science.

Interested Georgetown J.D. students must apply for the J.D./LL.M. degree program at the end of their 2L or 3E year. Applications must be submitted between May 1 and June 30 of the 2L/3E year. Click here for application deadlines, the application form, and instructions.

Multi-Disciplinary Courses

O’Neill Institute Colloquium: Offered annually, the O’Neill Institute Colloquium is an interdisciplinary course that draws from the work of University scholars, policymakers, and the general health community. The Colloquium’s goal is to engage leading thinkers and students in an enriching dialogue regarding critical health law issues. National and international scholars, practitioners and policymakers explore contemporary health issues with top students interested in health law and related issues from schools throughout the University. The 2008 Colloquium focused on global health, while the 2009 Colloquium focused on U.S. health care reform.

Public Health Emergency Simulation: The Public Health Emergency Simulation is an annual event that allows bio-defense masters students and global health law students to practice the knowledge that they have attained over the course of the semester. The students participate in a day long, simulated global public health emergency, and play the roles of the relevant health, government and other officials. Faculty members act as facilitators for the simulation. Previous simulation situations have addressed the global response to pandemic influenza, and food safety threats.

Research Assistant Opportunities

The O’Neill Institute employs Georgetown Law students in the JD and LL.M. programs throughout the year to provide integral research support to the Institute’s faculty, fellows, and staff working on ongoing research projects. Applications for research assistant opportunities are accepted each semester. For more information, students should contact