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Themes and Topics

*Subject to Change                        

Foundations: Introduction to Global Health Law and Infectious Diseases

  • Evolving Approaches to Infectious Diseases in U.S.
  • Introduction to Global Health Governance of Infectious Diseases
  • Global Health Institutions: Old and New
  • Financing for Infectious Diseases

Detecting, Preventing, Controlling & Treating Infectious Diseases

  • Global Health Security Framework: International Health Regulations
  • Detection: Building Capacity to Collect Data
  • Detection: Protection of Privacy Rights in Collection, Use and Sharing of Information
  • Policy Imperatives for Global Health Equity
  • Prevention: Balancing Individual Liberties and Community Needs in Compulsory Vaccination
  • Prevention: Regulation of Vaccine Research and Development
  • Control: Legal and Policy Justifications for Public Health Powers of Civil Confinement
  • Criminal Law & Infectious Diseases
  • Treatment: Building Global Network to Deliver HIV/AIDS Treatment
  • Treatment: Strategies for Combating Drug Resistance

Future of Infectious Diseases and the Law

  • Participants’ Perspectives
  • Future of Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases