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Obamacare Premium Increases – Time to freak out? Not so fast.


As the individual marketplace health insurance exchanges enter their 4th year of operation, growing pains still abound. Insurance providers are still struggling to determine appropriate pricing for various plans and are requesting a wide range of pricing changes – including some substantial premium increases – from state insurance regulators. The following are 5 key points […]

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We have a deal! The Paris Agreement: An innovative legal agreement to save the planet?


Unless you have been living under a rock, or about to head out on a long holiday, you may have heard the news this past weekend that 195 states and the EU (196 Parties) adopted a new international agreement on climate change in Paris. The Paris Agreement aims to limit the increase in global temperature […]

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Law's Power to Safeguard Global Health: LJD Week 2015


This week several members of the O’Neill Institute attended and participated in the World Bank’s Law, Justice and Development Week program. On Tuesday morning, members of the Institute led a session on “Law’s Power to Safeguard Global Health.” I moderated the session, and was fortunate to be joined by one of the Co-Chairs of The Lancet […]

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Research Assistants – An Introduction to Working in Global Health Law


Interested in how law could be used to address a global health issue? Don’t let one of my biggest academic regrets become yours! One of my biggest regrets from my years in undergraduate and graduate school is that I did not get to know my professors well and get involved in their research. I always felt awkward […]

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2016: The year of the science pledge?


It seems with every election cycle in the United States politicians are requested to sign various new types of pledges. Pledges not to raise taxes, pledges to support the eventual party nominee, pledges regarding campaign finance, etc. The concept of a pledge is not unique to the U.S. election cycle – other countries’ politicians take […]

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“I’d like to see the last Guinea worm die before I do”


Former U.S. President, Noble Peace Prize winner and member of The Elders, Jimmy Carter, recently announced he was diagnosed with cancer. We wish him well. During his press conference announcing his diagnosis, he made the following comment when asked about his remaining priorities for the Carter Center: “I would like to see Guinea worm completely […]

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4 Health Issues of Potential Importance During the Next 535 Days


There are 535 days left in President Obama’s term of office. What does that mean? It means election campaigning is well under way in states like New Hampshire and Iowa. It means that approximately seventeen Republican candidates and several Democratic candidates are appearing at state fairs, famers markets, Pizza Ranches, televised debates and even a Wing Ding […]

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Ahoy Matey – Time for the 4th of July Festivities to Begin!


This weekend is the Fourth of July holiday in the United States and, admittedly, my favorite holiday of the year. Growing up it was a holiday spent with cousins at the parade, going tubing and water-skiing and completing the day with fireworks over the lake, which we would watch from the dock while eating s’mores. Idyllic. […]

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Continuing and Accelerating the Conversation on Transgender Health


Since June 1st, and the release of the first photos of Caitlyn Jenner in Vanity Fair, it has been very hard to miss all of the media conversation about Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner and transgender individuals in America. I’ve been intrigued by the conversation and admit that I registered for a free 30 day trial […]

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Personal Public Health


The other week I recalled a presentation I made a few years ago in a law school seminar on one aspect of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or “Obamacare,” if you must. As I was a dual degree student in the School of Public Health, I wanted to focus my presentation on […]

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