All Eyes on Coca-Cola

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As December begins, so do the preparations for the holidays. In many places of the world, the streets are already lit up. It will not be long until Coca-Cola’s trucks start circulating – a practice that is years old. The so-called “Christmas Caravan” started out as a commercial in 1995, coming to life with a […]

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Stigma and Discrimination: Still Destroying Lives

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We know how pervasive the most flagrant discrimination used to be when it came to people with mental disabilities and people with HIV. People with mental disabilities were once warehoused in institutions, apart from society, perhaps treated forever as children, without rights of their own. They were dubbed “retarded,” “insane,” even “mad,” rather than people […]

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Informed consent and early motherhood

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In an article published a few months ago, Soledad Deza and Adriana Álvarez, examine what they consider to be “an unattended medical obligation”: requiring informed consent to girls and adolescents to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth. Deza and Álvarez assess different interrelated and inescapably linked aspects of early motherhood, among which is […]

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Using HIV Prevention and Care Systems to Address the Rise in Sexually Transmitted Infections

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This week, the O’Neill Institute released a new brief, Big Ideas: HIV Prevention and Care Systems Have Critical Roles in Addressing Sexually Transmitted Infections. This brief discusses key actions for HIV programs to reduce the public health impact of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United States. It was written by me and Jeffrey S. […]

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The Status of WHO Regulations under International law – ‘Agreements’ vs. ‘Regulations’

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It was during my LLM studies last year – I took this one-week course that made me think thoroughly about the types and nature of legal instruments produced by the World Health Organization (WHO). This course, Public Health Emergencies: Enabling Preparedness & Response through Law and Policy, analyzed case studies from various global events including […]

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Legislators Should Think Outside the Box to Fight the Opioid Epidemic – Support of Safe Injection Sites is An Opportunity to Prevent Diseases and Overdose Deaths

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Many communities that hard being hit particularly hard by the opioid epidemic are looking for innovative ways to increase efforts to reach out to PWID and reverse the exponential increases in overdose deaths, infectious disease, and substance use in their regions by operating supervised safe injection sites. The city of Philadelphia is well on its […]

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Mandatory Helmet Laws: A Public Health Intervention?

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I ride my bicycle at least once a day. Whether I’m casually pedalling to work on the Capital BikeShare or I’m speeding down MacArthur Boulevard on my road bike alongside my teammates, cycling is one of my favourite activities. On my bike, I get to roll by traffic during rush hour, I get to enjoy […]

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The Challenges of Turning Policies Into Data

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If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably more than familiar with evidence-based policymaking. You may not be as used to thinking about laws and policies themselves as a form of data. But they can be. By collecting, mapping and analyzing laws/policies across jurisdictions and over time, we can systematically evaluate the relationships between policies and […]

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Roundup of Federal Efforts to Improve Reproductive Health in U.S.

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In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to drum up bipartisan support in the U.S. for federal legislation on various issues, including reproductive health. Yet Senators and Representatives continue to introduce, reintroduce, and sometimes even pass bills aimed at addressing unmet reproductive health needs and improving reproductive health outcomes, particularly among underserved and marginalized […]

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Mexico to adopt front-of-package warning labels in the fight for healthy foods

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On October 22, Mexico’s legislators passed a bill to reform the General Health Law (in Spanish, “Ley General de Salud”) to include front-of-package warning labels. In both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the bill passed in a landslide: in the House of Representatives, there were 458 in favor, 2 abstentions, 0 against; in the Senate, 114 […]

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