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Check out two recent posts from the O’Neill Institute’s blog on Trade, Investment, and Health, featured below. About: The O’Neill Institute Initiative on Trade, Investment and Health aims to bridge the gap between public health and international trade and investment law. The initiative is focused on the effects of trade and investment agreements on domestic regulatory autonomy. […]

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O'Neill Institute Summer Conversation Series

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Thursday, August 15 – 12:30-1:30 Speaker: Peter Sawyer, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting Location: EBW358 Topic: Health Investigative Reporting Peter Sawyer is health projects director at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. He works to improve and extend the impact of the Center’s reporting on health by developing partnerships with media outlets and universities, forming relationships […]

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A New Frontier: The Access to Medicines Movement and NCDs

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Ensuring access to medicines requires a two-pronged approach.  First, medicines must be invented and developed.  For conditions that widely affect both the rich and poor, this presents little problem.  Because those in the developed world can afford to pay large sums for these medicines, pharmaceutical companies have a strong financial incentive to develop treatments.  However, […]

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NYC's Super-size Soda Ban declared Unconstitutional

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This post was written by Alberto Alemanno, O’Neill Institute Scholar .  It was originally published at http://albertoalemanno.eu/articles/nycs-super-size-soda-ban-declared-unconstitutional. Any questions or comments about this post can be directed to alemanno@hec.fr.  Note: The O’Neill Institute’s discussion of the appellate court’s decision can be found here. In Spring 2012, New York City’s Mayor unveiled plans to limit the serving […]

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Sugary Beverages Have Their Day in Court

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          Yesterday, the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court (“the Court”) affirmed the State’s Supreme Court decision finding that the New York City Board of Health and Mental Hygiene’s  (DOHMH) Sugary Drinks Portion Cap Rule, or the “Soda Ban” was unconstitutional. Accordingly, the Appellate Court concluded that “in promulgating […]

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What Possible Effects Can the Recent United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution Have in Latin American Courts?

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This post was written by Luis Enrique Rosas (Intern at  Mexican Supreme Court), summer research assistant at Georgetown University Law Center. Any comments or questions about this post can be directed to luisenriquerosas@gmail.com. The 23rd session of The United Nations Human Rights Council was held in Vienna on May 27-June 14, 2013. In the session, […]

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Will FDA Turn the Tide on Industry-wide Medical Product Development?

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The advent of big data has forced a sea change throughout the scientific research enterprise, shaking the industry’s fundamental attitude towards the data themselves. Data is now understood as the currency of research. Consequently, industry is warming to the new reality that legal norms once considered to drive business – confidential commercial information, trade secrets […]

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Safety and efficacy of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking are not scientifically demonstrated says WHO – A clear answer to a (not so) complicated problem?

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This post was written by Florian Kastler (Global Health LL.M. 2011), visiting researcher at Georgetown University Law Center. Any comments or questions about this post can be directed to florian.kastler@gmail.com. Last week, on 9 July 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) updated its Questions and answers on electronic cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) […]

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Industry Trumps Evidence in Tobacco Packaging U-Turn

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This post was written by Holly Jarman, Research Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan.  For more information about this post, please contact hjarman@umich.edu. The original post can be found at the Huffington Post. The government’s disappointing U-turn over plain packaging of tobacco has dealt a blow to campaigners and shows a government attempting to […]

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Can new FDA graphic warning labels for tobacco pass a first amendment legal challenge?

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A Georgetown public health expert and attorney examines what the FDA must do to prevail. WASHINGTON — When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) imposes new graphic warning labels for tobacco products, they can survive a First Amendment challenge if they depict health consequences and their effectiveness is supported by adequate scientific evidence, says […]

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