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Leading the COVID-19 Vaccination Response: Lessons Learned from the Smallpox Eradication Campaign

By O’Neill Institute

This expert column was written by Adi Radhakrishnan.  With more than 40 million known cases worldwide, and many countries already experiencing a second surge, the global recovery from COVID-19 still appears far away. Experts recently forecast that that the full course of the pandemic will likely run for two years and will only subside if […]



COVID-19 Global Action Plan Letter

By O’Neill Institute

The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been marked by a tragic lack of global solidarity, with several exceptions, notably COVAX, a global facility for equitable vaccine distribution. Dozens of global health leaders have therefore joined together to call upon a number of current presidents and prime ministers, The Elders, and the Champions for an AIDS-Free Generation to spearhead a […]

Thematic Areas: Health & Human Rights


Who Bears the Burden?: How Current HCV Elimination Efforts Are Likely to Exacerbate the Existing HCV Burden on Vulnerable LGBT and Immigrant Populations

By O’Neill Institute

This article was written by Prashasti Bhatnagar, JD/MPH candidate at Georgetown University Law Center/Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. INTRODUCTION Hepatitis C is one of the most common blood-borne infections in the United States; about 3.5 million persons are estimated to be chronically infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections in the nation. Health […]

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Reflections on the History of Contact Tracing

By Sean Bland

Contact tracing is essential to preventing the spread of COVID-19. I previously wrote a blog post about the release of an O’Neill Institute brief, Quick Take: HIV Lessons for COVID-19 Contact Tracing. While the brief provides recommendations for what to do and not to do in responding to the COVID-19 crisis, I thought it would […]

Thematic Areas: Infectious Diseases


O’Neill Institute Releases Publication on HIV Lessons for COVID-19 Contact Tracing

By Sean Bland

A critical component of the public health response to COVID-19 is contact tracing. Contact tracing is a strategy for identifying persons who may have been infected with COVID-19 following contact with an infected person. If done effectively, contact tracing could allow us to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and safely relax social distancing even before […]

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Can the UN CESCR guide States’ responses to COVID-19?

By Ivonne Garza

Image courtesy of The Economist, artist Alice Mollon. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights’ new General Comment No. 25 sheds light on States’ use of science and technology in their pandemic responses, and highlights the importance of research and scientific work as the pandemic […]


COVID-19 Incites Policy Change Surrounding Access to Reproductive Health Services

By Sarah Wetter

This post was written by Sarah Wetter, Law Fellow at the O’Neill Institute, and Rebecca Reingold. Across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting women’s ability to access abortion services, as governments implement policies to reduce COVID-19 exposure and address medical resource shortages. In the U.S., at least 11 states have issued policies to restrict […]


Hepatitis Policy Project Releases New Brief on Expanding Hepatitis C Screening and Treatment in Correctional Facilities

By Sonia Canzater

The O’Neill Institute’s Hepatitis Policy Project recently released its latest issue brief, Correctional Institutions Are A Critical Intervention Point For Hepatitis C Elimination, written by Senior Associate Sonia Canzater, on the integral role expanding hepatitis C virus (HCV) screening and treatment in the nation’s jails and prisons could play in the effort to eliminate HCV […]


COVID-19: A global threat with no prescribed solution

By Lidiya Teklemariam

As we all have been following the news on COVID-19 spread, our everyday thoughts and concerns are mostly similar. We’re always up to hear about the number of total cases, deaths, and recoveries; what the World Health Organization (WHO) is saying, and what mechanisms are in place for how we deal with our daily circumstances. […]

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O’Neill Institute Releases Publication on the USPSTF PrEP Recommendation

By Sean Bland

Today, the O’Neill Institute released a new publication, Quick Take: The USPSTF PrEP Recommendation. The Quick Take discusses the final recommendation for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) from the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and why the PrEP recommendation matters. It was written by me and Jeffrey S. Crowley, Program Director of the O’Neill Institute’s Infectious Disease […]

Thematic Areas: Infectious Diseases

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