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Robert K. Stumberg

Robert K. Stumberg is a professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center, where he is also the director of the Harrison Institute for Public Law. The Harrison Institute is a teaching and service program that works with public officials and nonprofit organizations. His past positions include policy director at the Center for Policy Alternatives and legislative counsel for Montgomery County, MD. Professor Stumberg has 35 years of experience in legislation, economic development, community lending, and housing policy. Most recently, he has studied the impact of trade agreements on state and local government, including energy, water services, prescription drugs, foreign investor rights, and agricultural subsidies. His education includes: BA, Macalester College; JD, Georgetown University; LLM Georgetown University.

Professor Stumberg’s work on trade policy includes Procurement and Decent Work (ILO, forthcoming 2010), NAFTA Services & Climate Change (in The Future of North American Trade Policy, Kevin Gallagher, ed., 2009), The WTO, Services & the Environment (in Handbook on Trade & Environment, Kevin Gallagher, ed., 2008), GATS & Electricity (NCSL 2005), Federalism & Political Accountability Under Global Trade Rules (Publius, 2001, with Matthew Porterfield), Preemption & Human Rights (Law & Policy in International Business, 2000), International Investor Rights & Local Economic Development (1999, with William Schweke); and Sovereignty by Subtraction: The Multilateral Agreement on Investment, (Cornell Journal of International Law, 1998).