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Sofia Bobbio

Sofia Guadalupe Bobbio is an intern at the O’Neill Institute. She is in her fifth year at the Law School in Torcuato Ditella University in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is pursuing a concentration in Politics and Health Law. She has done health-related law projects for the Congress in Buenos Aires and has worked in the Health Commission in the Congress of Buenos Aires, working as a legal advisor for a congressman.

Afterwards, Sofia worked as an Auxiliar Writer for a Federal Prosecutors Office Number 2, where she worked on issues such as brand laws, Corruption in Politics and human trafficking, specifically on sex work and work slavery. 

Sofia is primarily interested in health rights for low-income families and people; access to health and medicine; and addressing disparities caused by racial, economical and gender differences in the health care system, because of her personal experience with having to travel abroad to the US to have surgery due to the lacking health system in Argentina.