Studying the nexus of health and international human rights law, focusing on strategic litigation and technical assistance, especially in Latin America.


The Healthy Families Initiative works to improve health through academic research that focuses on the nexus of health and international human rights law. Our team collaborates closely with local partners to build capacity, provide technical assistance, and pursue strategic litigation on health and human rights issues, especially in Latin America. The Healthy Families Initiative also launched the Global Center for Legal Innovation on Food Environments.

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Oscar Cabrera Headshot

Oscar A. Cabrera Director

Rebecca Reingold Headshot

Rebecca Reingold Associate Director

Silvia Serrano-Guzmán Headshot

Silvia Serrano-Guzmán Associate Director

Isabel Barbosa

Isabel Barbosa Associate

Cina, Margherita Headshot

Margherita M. Cinà Associate

Andres Constantin Headshot

Andrés Constantin Associate; Assistant Director

Ivonne Garza Headshot

Ivonne Garza Associate

Margherita Melillo Headshot

Margherita Melillo Associate

Fernanda Rodríguez-Pliego Headshot

Fernanda Rodríguez-Pliego Junior Associate

María Belén Saavedra headshot

María Belén Saavedra Associate

Nick Townsend Headshot

Nick Townsend Associate

Sarah Wetter Headshot

Sarah Wetter Associate

Gretzel Headshot

Gretzel Brozovich Consultant

Tavor Ramirez Headshot

Ariadna Tovar Ramírez Consultant

Francesca Nardi's Headshot

Francesca Nardi Fellow

Heidi Weimer Headshot

Heidi Weimer Fellow

Shajoe Lake Headshot

Shajoe J. Lake Fellow

Anastasia Vernikou Headshot

Anastasia Vernikou Fellow

Juliette McHardy Headshot

Juliette McHardy Fellow

Natalia Acevedo Guerrero Headshot

Natalia Acevedo Guerrero Consultant

Aura Guerrero Headshot

Aura Guerrero Junior Associate

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