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Launch of the Global Health and Human Rights Database

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The Global Health and Human Rights Database is a free online database of law from around the world relating to health and human rights. Developed by the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University and the Lawyers Collective – in collaboration with a worldwide network of partners—including NGOs, academics and private researchers—the database offers an interactive, searchable, and fully indexed website of case law, national constitutions and international instruments.

The database became publicly available in March 2013 and was formally launched on October 24, 2013, with a celebratory event held at UN Headquarters during the 68th session of the UN General Assembly, that brought together speakers working across a number of sectors.  More information about the database and the launch event can be found here.

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  • Elizabeth Enaka Ako says:

    First of all l want to use this opportunity to congratulate the O’Neil team for launching this database. l am really excited and consider myself an achiever having contributed to this as an intern at O’Neil Institute in 2012. My only hope is that this should become a veritable human rights tools for lawyers, law professors, civil society and individuals especially in countries where the right to health cannot be adjudicated. With this countries can be held accountable with regard to the right to health. Once more kudos and thumbs up to the team (Prof. Larry Goskin, Prof. Cabrera Oscar, Eric Friedman etc.)

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