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O'Neill Institute's 100th Post – A Look Back

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In honor of the O’Neill Institute’s 100th blog post, we present a “top ten” list of some of our most memorable posts:

1. The Supreme Court Upholds the Affordable Care Act Upheld: The Individual Mandate is a Tax. States Have a Choice Whether to Expand Medicaid  (June 2012).

2. New York’s Ban on Large Sodas: Just What Common Sense Requires  (March 2013).

3. A Bad News Week for Women and HIV Prevention (October 2011).

4. Tobacco and Poverty (February 2013).

5. Swifter, Higher, Stronger…Fatter?: The Olympic Games and Junk Food Advertising to Children (August 2012).

6. Documenting the Food Safety Crisis—Discovering “the Jungle” in China (June 2011).

7. Tobacco Control and International Trade in Africa (August 2011).

8. Updating the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program for a New Era: Examining critical issues facing this major program in the domestic HIV response (April 2013).

9. Could a Romney Administration Really Dismantle the ACA “On Day One”? (November 2012).

10. God Bless America, a Nation Founded by Men Who Could Not Foresee the Glock and the 33 Round Clip (February 2013).

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