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Community-Led Monitoring for Better Health Services

Workshop on Community-Led Monitoring in HIV Services

With increased opportunities and interest from donors, we are offering a webinar for civil society organizations focusing on: What are the key elements of Community-Led Monitoring of HIV and Health Services? What models have communities used to collect information? How can what we learn be turned into data and shared? How have leaders built and managed projects that include multiple organizations under one banner? How have activists used information they gathered to advocate for better services?


Cover of Paper titled "Community-Led Monitoring"

Community-led monitoring combines systematic and routine data collection by communities with evidence-based advocacy to improve the governance and quality of HIV and health services. It is an effective tool to increase the accountability of decision-makers in national governments, health service agencies, and global health funders. This is critical, as “in many contexts, people living with and affected by HIV are low in the priority of decision-makers.” By using community-led monitoring, communities can bring local knowledge and insights to improve the services they need.

The O’Neill Institute’s Global Health Policy & Politics Initiative is collaborating with leading HIV, Human Rights, and public health leaders to support community-led monitoring efforts. 

Our recent work includes: 

Thematic Area: Global Health Governance

Status: Active

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