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O’Neill Institute-Brookings Institution Health Care Cost Containment Project

The Issue in Brief

Uncontrolled medical spending has risen to the top of the national agenda and has become a fiercely-contested election year issue. This conference, co-sponsored by the O’Neill Institute and the Brookings Institution, will consider why past efforts to contain costs have failed and how America might achieve cost-sensitive health care reform in the future. At a March 7th conference, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle offered opening remarks on how to achieve change in today’s political climate, and Congressional Budget Office Director Peter Orszag delivered the luncheon address.

The conference panelists, who include many of the nation’s top experts on health policy, came from a variety of disciplines and political perspectives. At the end of this year, The Brookings Institution Press will publish a volume, edited by Gregg Bloche and Leslie Meltzer, entitled Beyond Learned Helplessness: Solving America’s Health Care Cost Conundrum. The volume will contain contributions from the conference speakers and from others.

Thematic Area: Healthcare

Status: Completed

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