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Health Law and Litigation – Collaboration with NHeLP

The Issue in Brief

The O’Neill Institute, in collaboration with the National Health Law Program (NHeLP), developed the Health Law and Litigation site. This site provides comprehensive information and references for the litigation regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA,” Public Law 111-148). It includes:

  • The Act itself;
  • A schedule of cases contesting the act;
  • Complaints, motions, briefs, and decisions in those cases;
  • Notable precedents on the issues at stake in those cases; and
  • A selection of scholarly and journalistic articles commenting on the ACA and these cases.

The site also includes information on state ballot initiatives, legislation, and implementation of the ACA.

Selected Project Resources
  • Health Law and Litigation

Thematic Area: Healthcare

Status: Active

Project Personnel
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