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Tuberculosis in Prisons: A People’s Introduction to the Law

cover of Tuberculosis in Prisons: A People's Introduction to the LawTuberculosis (TB) in prisons is a crisis all around the world. According to the WHO, levels of TB in prisons have been reported to be up to 100 times higher than in civilian populations. Prisons and prisons systems are exacerbating the the crisis and change is needed to address the issue.

The law is a powerful tool to create change, especially when used by activists who think like lawyers and lawyers who think like activists. It can be used in tandem with advocacy, organizing, and other strategies to bring important change to communities and prison systems.

The O’Neill Institute, ARASA, the Center for Tolerance and Peace, KELIN, the Treatment Action Campaign, TALAKU, Southern Africa Litigation Centre, and Stop TB Partnership are excited to publish this resource. TB in Prisons: a People’s Introduction to the Law breaks down legal fundamentals in an accessible and practical way. The guide was written for activists and leaders around the world who are sharp strategists but who may not have had the opportunity, time, or need for a formal legal education. Activists who spend some time with this resource come away with confidence as they use law in their work to address the crisis of TB in prisons.

TB in Prisons: a People’s Introduction to the Law is meant to be accessible because our goal is to make the law an accessible tool. If activists wield it well, the law can be a powerful tool for justice and can incite change in prisons.

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