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Three-Step Action Plan

(1) Meetings

Separate, invitation-only roundtable discussions with nationally recognized experts on each of five, predetermined issues. Discussion to include the significance of each of the issues to public health, identification of gaps or problems in law and regulation, and potential remedies for candidates to consider.


  • Issue: antibiotic resistance.
  • Gap: lack of regulation governing use of antibiotics in livestock intended for human consumption.
  • Legislative solution: laws regulating the use of antibiotics in livestock intended for human consumption.

(2) White Paper

The O’Neill Institute will publish a white paper based on meeting discussions. Each issue and solution will be discussed in a concise format intended for a lay audience. Meeting participants will be acknowledged in the white paper.

(3) Dissemination

Work with meeting participants to disseminate white paper to affiliated and interested organizations and government offices through a coordinated toolkit. Hold briefings on Capitol Hill and various other locations throughout DC to discuss findings (travel a possibility depending on funding). The O’Neill Institute will create a press toolkit to help issues reach the campaign trail and a social media toolkit, to include 1) press release, 2) model tweets, hashtags, links to paper, etc. 3) blog posts and other reporting on meetings.

Proposed Time Line:

Meetings, Fall 2015

Final Report, Winter 2016