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Bio-threat Simulation

In the fourth annual offering of this intensive course, students worked with faculty and fellows at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law to gain an in-depth understanding of global health law through intensive examination and role play of one or more major problems in global health. Potential problems could include a naturally occurring infectious disease epidemic such as extensively drug resistant tuberculosis; a future epidemic such as pandemic Influenza (A) H5N; an intentional introduction of a lethal pathogen such as anthrax; and/or major chronic diseases caused by obesity or tobacco use. When studying and role playing these kinds of problems, students are asked to construct innovative methods of global health governance, drawing upon existing international health law and institutions, along with a vision for more ideal models. The course capitalizes on materials developed in collaboration with faculty from the School of Nursing and Health Studies for use in the “health care situation room.”

For more course information: Global Health Law: An Intensive, Problem-Based Exploration