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No 12: Lindblom, Eric N., Micah Berman & James Thrasher, “The Legal Framework for Using Tobacco Product Inserts and Onserts to Help Consumers Make More Informed Choices and to Reduce Tobacco Use Harms”

No 11: Lawrence O. Gostin, Eric Friedman, and Daniel Hougendobler, "Ebola, the World Health Organization, and Beyond: Toward a Framework for Global Health Security"

No 10: Sarah Roache, Lawrence O. Gostin, Dan Hougendobler and Eric Friedman, "Lessons from the West African Ebola Epidemic: Towards a Legacy of Strong Health Systems"

No 9: Lawrence O. Gostin, Eric Friedman, and Dan Hougendobler, "West Africa’s Ebola Epidemic Is Out of Control, but Never Had to Happen"

No 8: Sam Halabi, "The Uncertain Future of Vaccine Development and Deployment for Influenza Pandemics" (Published March 11, 2014, updated April 17, 2014)

No 7: Emily W. Parento & Lawrence O. Gostin, "The Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision on the Affordable Care Act, Healthcare Reform’s Ultimate Fate Remains Uncertain"

No 6: Benn McGrady, “Tobacco Product Regulation and the WTO: Appellate Body Report, US – Clove Cigarettes”

No 5: Lawrence O. Gostin, "Healthcare Reform Hangs in the Balance"

No 4: Lawrence O. Gostin, "Why the Affordable Care Act’s Individual Purchase Mandate is Both Constitutional and Indispensable to the Public Welfare"

No 3: JALI: A Global Movement for a Framework Convention on Global Health

No 2: The World Health Assembly: Outcomes of the 2011 World Health Assembly

No 1: The World Health Assembly: Reforming the WHO and Global Governance for Health