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O’Neill Institute Colloquium 2009

Scholarly Perspectives on Health Reform

The 2009 O’Neill Colloquium, taught by Professors Nan Hunter and Gregg Bloche examined health care reform. A series of prominent scholars, researchers, and participants in the health reform process presented works-in-progress or current publications that address the various aspects of health reform. The colloquium was meant to provide students and other participants with a deeper and richer perspective on the health reform debate, as well as a sampling of the ideas and knowledge that scholars and researchers at the cutting edge are bringing to this debate.

Speakers and topics for the 2009 Colloquium
  • Malpractice ReformKathryn Zeiler
  • The Emergent Logic of Health LawGregg Bloche
  • Intergovernmental Relations in China and Health ReformChristina Ho
  • Patient Responsibility & Accountability – Michele Goodwin
  • Role of the Non-Profit Form – Jill Horwitz
  • Politics of Health Reform – Jacob Hacker
  • An Empirical Study of Rationing at the Bedside – Scott Halpern
  • Influence of Health Insurance on Health Status – Kate Baicker
  • Regulatory Governance of Technological Advances – Anup Malani
  • Social Solidarity and Personal Responsibility in Health Reform – Wendy Mariner
  • Controlling the Costs of Medical Care: A Dose of Deregulation – David Hyman