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Several modest proposals to improve safety, reduce gun violence, and make Americans happy

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Over the past month or two, we’ve heard some proposals, both innovative and long-standing, to address violence and joblessness. Let’s start with the President’s suggestion that immigrants who enter our country – whether through several legal immigration routes or as unaccompanied minors – are a great threat to our safety. The proposed solutions are to […]

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A public health approach to gun violence (or move to Australia)

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As an Australian living in the US, it’s often hard for me to engage with debates on gun violence that sound exactly the same after every awful mass shooting that now seems to take place before we’ve even had time to grieve the last one. Even though I understand the history behind the 2nd Amendment, […]

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Gun Violence: Ending Its Terrible Toll and Valuing Everyone

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Gun violence is a window into the dark side of our society. Through that window we see a lack of appreciation for life and the tragic – and often preventable – circumstances that lead to devaluing life. It is also a window into how we value one another – or fail to value some of […]

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