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UHC Legal Solutions Network

Alongside the 74th United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Development ProgrammeUNAIDSthe Inter-Parliamentary Unionthe World Health Organization, and Georgetown University’s O’Neill Institute launched a new collaboration to support universal health coverage (UHC), the UHC Legal Solutions Network.

We hope this is can be a horizontal, nimble network, that listens to, and learns from ministers, parliamentarians, and civil society about the tools needed to implement universal and equitable access to high-quality health care.” – John Monahan, Georgetown University

The UHC Legal Solutions Network is a unique collaboration focused on using law to further the commitments laid out in the political declaration on UHC, approved by the UN General Assembly on Monday at the first ever high-level meeting on UHC.

The WHO estimates that at least half the world’s population lacks coverage for basic health services. To reach the General Assembly’s 2030 UHC goal, countries must build strong legal frameworks to realize UHC, as highlighted in the Lancet – O’Neill Institute Commission report “The Legal Determinants of Health“. Building and implementing a legal framework based on the human right to health can ensure that effective health coverage is extended to all people, including those most marginalized.

The Network brings together legal and health experts to support governments and policymakers in developing legal tools for UHC. These tools include identifying successful strategies, as well as existing laws and regulations that may create barriers to coverage. The Network will also raise awareness on the law’s vital role in achieving UHC

“The United Nations political declaration on UHC is a historic moment for global health. But now the hard work begins to realize the right to health at the national and community level. The UHC Legal Solutions Network aims to partner with governments, civil society, and other stakeholders to reform domestic law to ensure truly universal and equitable access to high-quality health services for all.” – Lawrence Gostin, O’Neill Institute

Photos from the Launch Event in New York