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Crowley, Jeffrey S., and Sean E. Bland. HIV Prevention in the United States: Federal Investments are Saving Lives and Strengthening Communities. Washington, DC: O’Neill Institute/Georgetown Law, 2018.

Lindblom, Eric N. "Should FDA Try to Move Smokers to E-cigarettes and Other Less-Harmful Tobacco Products and, If So, How?" Food & Drug Law Journal 73, no. 2 (2018): 276-318.

Donaldson, Halsie, and Daniel R. Lucey. "Enhancing Preparation for Large Nipah Outbreaks Beyond Bangladesh: Preventing a Tragedy like Ebola in West Africa." International Journal of Infectious Disease (IJID. The journal of the International Society of Infectious Diseases) (2018).

Meier, Benjamin M, and Lawrence O Gostin, eds. "Human Rights in Global Health: Rights-based Governance for a Globalizing World." Oxford University Press (2018).

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