The O’Neill Institute’s work is led by a talented team of lawyers, researchers, academics, administrators, and public policy experts. For a full list of our experts, click here.

Our Staff

Jennifer Alexander Headshot

Jennifer Alexander Assistant Director of Operations

Sara Allinder Headshot

Sara Allinder Deputy Director

Alanna Bailey Headshot

Alanna Bailey Program Coordinator

Isabel Barbosa

Isabel Barbosa Senior Associate

Zachary Baron headshot

Zachary L. Baron Associate Director

Kimberley Benjamin Headshot

Kimberley Benjamin Fellow

Amruta Bhir Headshot

Amruta Bhir Program Coordinator

Sarah Bosha Headshot

Sarah Bosha Director

Oscar Cabrera Headshot

Oscar A. Cabrera Director

Sonia Canzater Headshot

Sonia L. Canzater Associate Director

Nikki Carter Headshot

Nikki Carter Program Coordinator

Valentina Castagnari Headshot

Valentina Castagnari Fellow

Yu-Wei Chen Headshot

Yu-Wei Chen Fellow

Cina, Margherita Headshot

Margherita M. Cinà Associate

Andres Constantin Headshot

Andrés Constantin Assistant Director

Erin Coughlin Headshot

Erin Coughlin Fellow

Jeff Crowley Headshot

Jeffrey S. Crowley Director

Mackenzie Darling Fellow

Alison Durran Headshot

Ali Durran Fellow

Olohikhuae Egbokhare Headshot

Olohikhuae Egbokhare Fellow

Gloria Porras Headshot

Gloria Patricia Porras Escobar Distinguished Visitor

Madison Fields Headshot

Madison Fields Fellow

Alexandra Finch Headshot

Alexandra Finch Fellow

Bethanie Fletcher-Perez Headshot

Bethanie Fletcher-Perez Communications and Events Coordinator

Eric Friedman Headshot

Eric A. Friedman Global Health Justice Scholar

Ivonne Garza Headshot

Ivonne Garza Associate

Katherine Ginsbach Headshot

Katherine Ginsbach Senior Associate

Lawrence Gostin Headshot

Lawrence O. Gostin Faculty Director

Katie Gottschalk Headshot

Katie Gottschalk Executive Director

Kirk Grisham Headshot

Kirk Grisham Associate

Aura Guerrero Headshot

Aura Guerrero Junior Associate

Debi Hoege Headshot

Debi Hoege Program Manager

Charles Holmes Headshot

Charles Holmes Director

Mattt Kavanagh Headshot

Matthew M. Kavanagh Director

Alice Kayongo Headshot

Alice Kayongo Senior Associate

Katie Keith Headshot

Katie Keith Director (On Leave)

Regina Labelle Headshot

Regina LaBelle Director

Shajoe Lake headshot

Shajoe J. Lake Fellow

Carol Li Headshot

Carol Li Program Coordinator

Sunny Light Headshot

Sunny Light Program Associate

Joseph Longley Headshot

Joseph Longley Senior Associate

Tendai Mafuma Headshot

Tendai Mafuma Fellow

Kimberly Martin Headshot

Kimberly Martin Financial Coordinator

Shaimaa Masri Headshot

Shaimaa Masri Program Coordinator

Margherita Melillo Headshot

Margherita Melillo Associate

Landon Myers headshot

Landon Myers Junior Associate

Francesca Nardi's Headshot

Francesca Nardi Junior Associate

Aiseosa Osaghae Headshot

Aiseosa Osaghae Fellow

Lucía Berro Pizzarossa Headshot

Lucía Berro Pizzarossa Associate

Rebecca Reingold Headshot

Rebecca Reingold Associate Director

Fernanda Rodríguez-Pliego Headshot

Fernanda Rodríguez-Pliego Junior Associate

María Belén Saavedra headshot

María Belén Saavedra Associate

Silvia Serrano-Guzmán Headshot

Silvia Serrano-Guzmán Associate Director

Agrata Sharma Headshot

Agrata Sharma Fellow

Alana Sharp Headshot

Alana Sharp Senior Associate

Shivank Singh Headshot

Shivank Singh Program Coordinator

Varsha Srivatsan Headshot

Varsha Srivatsan Program Manager

Cynthia Sun Headshot

Cynthia Sun Communications Manager

Ellen Suryadi Headshot

Ellen Suryadi Director of Financial Strategy and External Affairs

Nick Townsend Headshot

Nick Townsend Program Associate

Patricio Lopez Turconi Headshot

Patricio López Turconi Fellow

Andrew Twinamatsiko Headshot

Andrew J. Twinamatsiko Associate Director

Heidi Weimer Headshot

Heidi Weimer Fellow

Shelly Weizman's headshot

Shelly Weizman Project Director

Sarah Wetter Headshot

Sarah Wetter Associate