Katie Gottschalk is the executive director of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law and visiting professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center. Gottschalk’s work focuses on how regulatory frameworks can improve health across populations and on using the law as a tool to empower evidence-based public health practices. In collaboration with global partners on the Legal Solutions Network (LSN) for Universal Health Coverage, Gottschalk provides legal technical assistance and customizable technical advice to national leaders seeking to develop effective policies for realizing UHC’s promise and power.

Currently, Gottschalk works with the Center for Transformation Health Law team to identify the greatest challenges and weaknesses encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing evidence-based solutions for the current crisis, and building a fortified foundation for healthier futures health through law.

Prior to joining the O’Neill Institute, Gottschalk was the executive director of the Center for Global Health and Diplomacy. In this position, Gottschalk served as the editor of the Global Health and Diplomacy Journal, director of the Center’s Global Health Fellows program, and convened global experts and world leaders at events alongside the World Health Assembly, the United Nations General Assembly, and the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting. Gottschalk has also served as the acting director at the Dianne Abbey Law Center for Children and Families in New York, working with a diverse set of stakeholders to raise the profile of discrete issues of family law, including juvenile justice, the disproportionate representation of minorities in the welfare system, and end of life rights. Gottschalk has managed health and policy programs for multiple organizations including MergerWatch, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, and New York Law School.

Gottschalk holds an LL.M. in global health law from Georgetown University, a J.D. from New York Law School, and a B.A. in architecture from the University of Colorado.


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