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Academic Programs

There is an important role for academia in health policy and law. Scholars can research, analyze, engage stakeholders, and problem-solve in ways that are not available or possible in the political sphere. Universities are the intellectual breeding grounds for future generations of policymakers, health professionals, business leaders, scholars, attorneys, physicians, nurses, scientists, diplomats, judges, and leaders in many other private, public, and nonprofit fields of endeavor.

The O’Neill Institute responds to pressing health concerns by educating these future researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and scholars. At both Georgetown Law and NHS, the O’Neill Institute teaches its students to rigorously analyze the theoretical, philosophical, political, cultural, economic, scientific, and ethical bases for understanding and responding to health problems. The O’Neill Institute helps to prepare Georgetown University graduates to engage in multidisciplinary conversations about national and international health care law and policy with innovative multidisciplinary courses and degree programs.