The Indian Express   |  May 11, 2021

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India is suffering from a devastating wave of Covid-19 infections and critical shortages in medical supplies. In these dire circumstances, access to vaccine must be considered an essential facet of the human right to health under Article 21 of the Constitution. Universal vaccination is the only long-term solution to save human lives and avert an impending catastrophe. However, despite being called the vaccine factory of the world, India has been unable to maintain a sufficient supply of vaccines. A target of immunising 30 crore people by July 2021 was made by the Centre in December 2020. Less than three months from the deadline, only 25 per cent of the target has been met. Vaccine shortages have stalled the immunisation process and greatly exacerbated the current crisis. The average inoculation has dropped from 35 lakh doses each day in the first week of April to 16 lakh daily doses in early May. The central government has failed in safeguarding the constitutional right to health of its citizens.

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