Focusing at the intersection of public health, law, policy, and governance.


The Center for Global Health Policy & Politics is a cross-campus collaboration between the Georgetown University School of Health and the O’Neill Institute, working at the intersection of global health, law, and political science. We explore and address the political determinants of health and support the creation of legal and policy environments that help stop pandemics, expand equity in access to medical technologies, and address inequalities in health. We are dedicated to building more just and equitable global health responses.

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The Center’s multidisciplinary team includes lawyers, social scientists, epidemiologists, and policy experts with decades of experience in global health. We work around the world — conducting research and policy analysis; convening thought leaders; and building capacity through collaboration, and partnering with governments, international organizations, and civil society groups to support law and policy change on issues from HIV, COVID-19, and tuberculosis to health equity and health system accountability.

As a designated UNAIDS Collaborating Centre on HIV Policy and Inequality, the Center for Global Health Policy & Politics promotes the education of the next generation of global health leaders and change-makers, building a deep understanding of the impact of power, politics, and policy on health systems and health outcomes worldwide.

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Mattt Kavanagh Headshot

Matthew M. Kavanagh Director

Sharonann Lynch Headshot

Sharonann Lynch Co-Director

Tlaleng Mofokeng Headshot

Tlaleng Mofokeng Distinguished Lecturer & United Nations Special Rapporteur

Alice Kayongo Headshot

Alice Kayongo Senior Associate

Vishakh Unnikrishnan Headshot

Vishakh Unnikrishnan Associate

Varsha Srivatsan Headshot

Varsha Srivatsan Program Manager

Luis Gil Abinader Headshot

Luis Gil Abinader Fellow

Adi Radhakrishan Headshot

Adi Radhakrishnan Fellow

Agrata Sharma Headshot

Agrata Sharma Fellow

Sanjana Mukherjee Headshot

Sanjana Mukherjee Fellow

Cassidy Parshall Headshot

Cassidy Parshall Program Coordinator

Amanda Banda Headshot

Amanda Banda Scholar

Alana Sharp Headshot

Alana Sharp Scholar

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Advanced HIV Disease

Engaging in evidence-based advocacy to advance timely scale-up and access to affordable optimal tools to screen, prevent, diagnose, and treat advanced HIV disease.

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