Focusing at the intersection of public health, law, policy, and governance.


The Global Health Policy and Politics Initiative convenes governmental, multilateral, civil society, and research stakeholders to examine the vital role of law and policy in global public health responses. We work to confront challenges including HIV, COVID-19, tuberculosis, health equity, and community-led monitoring by analyzing existing policy and proposing groundbreaking suggestions for legal policy responses to health issues.

Our Work

The Global Health Policy and Politics team is made up of experts in global health law, epidemiology, and social science who analyze the world’s major global health challenges and pioneer strong policy responses to improve global health equity, security, and accountability. We work around the world to advance equity and health for all.

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Mattt Kavanagh Headshot

Matthew M. Kavanagh Director

Mara Pillinger Headshot

Mara Pillinger Senior Associate

Ngozi Erondu Headshot

Ngozi Erondu Senior Scholar

Sharonann Lynch

Sharonann Lynch Senior Scholar

Keletso Makofane Headshot

Keletso Makofane Scholar

Alana Sharp Headshot

Alana Sharp Scholar

Renu Singh Headshot

Renu Singh Scholar

Sunny Light Headshot

Sunny Light Program Coordinator

Aneja, Kashish Headshot

Kashish Aneja Consultant

Juliette McHardy Headshot

Juliette McHardy Fellow

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