The O’Neill Institute RESULTS, ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership, and The World Bank were proud to host this webinar.

Featured Speaker:
Dr. Jim Yong Kim, World Bank Group, President

Matthew Kavanagh, O’Neill Institute, Director of Global Health Governance Initiative
Joanne Carter, RESULTS, Executive Director

Advocates for increased investment in health and education have long argued more funding and better quality programs are critical to lift economies. The World Bank’s new Human Capital Index (HCI) provides an important new tool and opportunity to engage finance ministers and the public to raise awareness of the costs of inaction and bolster demand for interventions that will build human capital.

In this webinar, we invite non-governmental leaders from around the world to engage in conversation with Dr. Kim—to understand better the opportunities presented by the HCI and explore how civil society can engage effectively with the broader process the World Bank is undertaking. During the webinar, participants will be able to pose questions to Dr. Kim and the moderators on how civil society can use and engage with the HCI.


Health Equity International Development and Humanitarian Assistance

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