event banner for Getting Serious About Health Equity: Systematic, Comprehensive Approaches to Leave No One Behind Webinar

Michael Marmot, Director, Institute of Health Equity, University College London
Anna Coates, Chief, Office for Equity, Gender, and Cultural Diversity, PAHO/WHO
Moses Mulumba, Executive Director, Center for Health, Human Rights & Development
Nicole Valentine, Acting Coordinator, Social Determinants of Health, WHO
Eric Friedman, Global Health Justice Scholar, O’Neill Institute

Matthew Kavanagh, Director, Global Health Governance Initiative, O’Neill Institute

Even as important improvements have occurred in health across the world in the last decade, progress in reducing vast health disparities within countries has generally been far more limited. The UN Sustainable Development Goals pledged to leave no one behind–but will they?

Without deliberate planning, cross-sectoral action, and robust accountability to confront the structural causes of health equity, inequity will likely persist. This webinar will launch a new framework for crafting health equity programs of action. We will better explore systematic, inclusive approaches, across the health system and beyond, to improving health equity in the SDG era.


Health Equity

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