Aiza Khan was the program coordinator at the Center for Innovation in Global Health.

Khan’s expertise lies in health policy, communication, and management. She is deeply committed to advancing health outcomes and reducing health disparities among vulnerable and underserved populations.

Prior to joining the O’Neill Institute, Khan directed business operations at various healthcare related organizations. As the medical office manager for a private clinic, she liaised between doctors, clients, and insurance carriers to build and maintain good client relationships. She also spearheaded projects aimed at enhancing employee well-being at a start-up pharmaceutical company. She then supported the staff and professors at a health and food law clinic at Harvard Law School.

She also worked as a communications consultant, where she made complex food and health policy concepts accessible and actionable. As a part of her Master’s program, she interned at a biopharmaceutical company and provided research on regulatory aspects on rapid vaccine development. She also interned at The Carter Center, where she helped the global behavioral health team on project research, implementation, evaluation, and reporting. As a part of her practicum, she was a legislative intern for a Connecticut house representative where she used a variety of research methods to understand public health policies, implementation, and their intended and unintended consequences. During her program, she was also on the leadership team of two advocacy groups. One group aimed to provide footwear and podiatric care to those experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty. The other group aimed to identify and address barriers to health care for refugee patients.

Khan holds a M.P.H. degree from Yale University’s School of Public Health. She also holds a B.S. degree in communications and management from Emerson College.

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