Javier Meléndez López Velarde is a student of the 2023-2024 LL.M. in National and Global Health Law. He is originally from Mexico.

Meléndez López Velarde is interested in access to healthcare, the right to equality, racial and intercultural justice, and their impact on the right to health. Additionally, he is interested in the development of standards through the Inter-American System of Human Rights and the United Nations System to address health issues faced by groups in vulnerable and marginalized situations.

Meléndez López Velarde is a human rights defender and lawyer with experience in constitutional and criminal law. Previously, he served as an advisor at the Chief Justice’s Office of Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice. He held a position in the Human Rights Office of the Supreme Court, focusing on international human rights law, judge training, and research development about judging groups in vulnerable and marginalized situations. Additionally, he served as a parliamentary advisor in the Mexican Senate and collaborated in drafting laws from a human rights perspective. He also co-founded Amicus DH, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to defending LGBT human rights.

Meléndez López Velarde graduated with honors from the Universidad Iberoamericana León. He received a master’s degree in criminal law science from the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Penales and studied a master’s degree in human rights and guarantees from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. He holds a certificate of judicial specialization from the Mexican Judiciary and a certificate of advanced studies on human rights and humanitarian law at the American University Washington College of Law. Additionally, he has completed various courses related to human rights and constitutional law.

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