Jing-Jer (Amadeus) Chen was a winter intern at the O’Neill Institute.

Prior to O’Neill, Chen completed a bachelor dissertation that evaluated the possible inclusion of employed resident physicians into the Labor Standards Act by looking into physician overwork and burnout; he received the Bachelor Graduation Thesis Poster Award. He also conducted a field study in one of the largest medical centers in Taiwan, and his MPH thesis received an Excellent Thesis Report Award.

Chen also previously served as a publicly funded legislative assistant at Legislative Yuan (Taiwan’s congress) for a year, where he experienced the legislative process and participated in critical health law and policy making, such as the review and amendments to the Special COVID-19 Act, and the initiation of subsidies for helping university graduate students overcome the job vacancies caused by COVID-19.

During his current LL.M. studies, Chen is a research assistant at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University School of Law, where he has been participating in multi-disciplinary research projects. These include the “Preparedness for Rule of Law and Human Rights during Pandemics” project, which analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on the legal system and human rights and compared the measures taken by governments in Taiwan and the global. He has also studied how AI, robots, and other new technology can enhance medical care, and what legal and ethical problems may arise with these improvements in a project on legal regulation of artificial intelligence and clinical decision-making systems.

Chen holds a B.S. in healthcare management from Chang Gung University and an M.S. in public health from National Yang-Ming University. In addition, he has one year of experience in legislative drafting and overseeing administration in Taiwan’s congress. He is a second-year LL.M. student at the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University School of Law.

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