Nikki Carter was a program coordinator at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law.

Prior to joining O’Neill, Carter worked in a variety of roles in non-profit organizations in the public health and harm reduction fields including addiction policy, syringe service outreach, drug checking, project management, administrative services, and technical assistance. In her previous role at Illinois Public Health Institute, she managed an Overdose Data 2 Action grant, Chicago Linkage to Assisted Recovery and Treatment, where she worked with emergency departments, OTPs, and FQHCs to assist organizations in implementing evidence-based naloxone practices, initiation of medication for opioid use disorder, linkage to care, and follow-up appointments for treatment. Carter is passionate about improving health equity and outcomes for people of color, people with substance use disorders, and people who use drugs.

Carter holds a B.S in Psychology from Tufts University and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Addiction Policy and Practice at Georgetown University.

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