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Just Haffeld

Just Haffeld, JD equivalent, LL.M, MD, is currently the Adviser to the Secretariat for the Lancet – University of Oslo Commission: Global Governance for Health, a Harvard Global Health Institute collaboration. Mr. Haffeld is a Norwegian lawyer, negotiation/conflict resolution specialist, and a medical doctor. Mr. Haffeld is currently a Scholar with the O’Neill Institute. Previously, Mr. Haffeld has spent time as a Visiting Researcher at the O’Neill Institute where he worked on a global health project start-up, the Joint Learning Initiative. One of Mr. Haffeld’s main interests is global health issues. In 2010, he published a paper in a symposium edition of The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, titled, “Examining the Global Health Arena: Strengths and Weaknesses of a Convention Approach to Global Health Challenges.” In the report, Mr. Haffeld exploits aspects from one of his other interests, namely that of chaos theory/complexity, as a way to solve future intractable global health problems.