60 Minutes Australia   |  April 26, 2020

If you’re on the wrong side of U.S. President Donald Trump you certainly know about it, and right now, the focus of his fury is the World Health Organisation. He accuses the W.H.O. of being China’s lapdog and says it’s responsible for helping the communist regime hide the true extent of the coronavirus disaster. As punishment Trump has withdrawn American funding to the organisation. Australia too has questions about the W.H.O., specifically what it did in China and when? By comparison with the U.S. leader though, our prime minister Scott Morrison is far more diplomatic. He wants a review of the W.H.O’s role, but he’s also proposed the health body be given additional powers, including the right to forcibly enter countries to avoid repeating the COVID-19 disaster. Liz Hayes asks the question – who exactly is the W.H.O?

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