Medscape  |  July 28, 2017

But reaction hasn’t been all positive. The FDA also announced it will delay its regulation of e-cigarettes and cigars by several years, prompting Eric Lindblom, former director of the office of policy for tobacco products at the FDA, to issue a release decrying this move.

“Any significant delay in enforcing the provisions of the already final deeming rule, which requires new and significantly changed brands of e-cigarettes and cigars to obtain orders from FDA before being allowed on the US market, is seriously troubling,” Lindblom said.

“If the FDA were truly concerned about protecting the public health, the agency would not extend the deadlines at all, or it would at least extend the deadlines only for those e-cigarettes and cigars that meet certain minimum standards and only for those smaller tobacco companies that might not have sufficient resources to meet the existing deadlines,” he added.

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