September 17, 2008

The goal of the O’Neill Institute’s inaugural colloquium is to engage leading thinkers and students in an enriching dialogue surrounding critical health law issues. National and international scholars, practitioners and policymakers will explore contemporary health law issues with top students interested in health law from schools throughout the University. Colloquium sessions will also be open to Georgetown University faculty members and interested members of the public. The course will be jointly taught by Professors Gostin and Monahan. One of them, or another member of the O’Neill Institute faculty, will serve as the moderator for each session—during which experts, faculty and students will explore and analyze the issues selected for consideration. The exact format for each session will depend upon the issue and speaker, and May range from a presentation of a cutting-edge paper or an interview to participation in a debate or a structured dialogue. This course will cover diverse topics such as the 2008 presidential campaign, global health governance, intellectual property’s relation to health, and many others.