November 25, 2008

Dr. Julie A. DeLoia is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the School of Nursing & Health Studies at Georgetown University Medical Center. Previously, Dr. DeLoia held various academic appointments and leadership positions at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She was instrumental in founding the University of Pittsburgh’s Ovarian Cancer Center and served as the center’s director of research.

Dr. Kevin T. FitzGerald is a Research Associate Professor in the Division of Biochemistry and Pharmacology of the Department of Oncology and the David Lauler Chair for Catholic Health Care Ethics. He is also a member of the Center for Clinical Bioethics, the Advisory Board for the Center for Infectious Disease (CID), and the Angiogenesis, Invasion, Metastasis Program at the Lombardi Cancer Center.

The panel was moderated by Professor John Monahan of Georgetown Law.