September 5, 2008

The O’Neill Institute is partnering with AcademyHealth to assist a group of diverse stakeholders craft a voluntary code of conduct for recruitment of foreign-educated nurses by United States employers. Specifically, Professors Gostin and Monahan have chaired Task Force meetings in which U.S. companies and hospitals that are currently recruiting foreign-educated nurses examine strategies for reducing the harm and maximizing the benefits for the United States, source countries, and nurses interested in migration. The O’Neill Institute is helping facilitate a consensus-building process with recruiters, hospitals and foreign trained nurses and drafting “standards of practice” for consideration by the Task Force members. Task Force members include distinguished Georgetown faculty, including Katherine Leonhardy (NHS), Sheila Burke (Distinguished Visitor, O’Neill Institute) and Andrew Schoenholtz (Center for Study of Migration). The project will end with a joint proposal by these organizations to disseminate and promote its endorsement.