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The O’Neill Institute Initiative on Trade, Investment and Health aims to bridge the gap between public health and international trade and investment law. The initiative is focused on the effects of trade and investment agreements on domestic regulatory autonomy.

The initiative fosters legal and multi-disciplinary scholarship on the intersection of trade, investment and health. The initiative also disseminates knowledge about international trade and investment law into the broader public health community, to enhance the ability of health lawyers and policy-makers to engage with international trade and investment agreements.

As a part of the LL.M. in Global Health Law courses are offered on International Trade and Health and Public Health and International Investment Law. The initiative also conducts capacity building and training in these areas.

The O’Neill Institute also applies its expertise to practical problems affecting national and global health. Initiative staff members have experience working with inter-governmental organizations, foreign governments and civil society groups on research projects and in an advisory capacity. Recent examples include advising partners on treaty negotiations and on the impact of international trade and investment agreements on the adoption of domestic health measures.