The Center for Transformational Health Law hosts a nimble, user-driven digital platform in concert with multiple UN agencies. Linking public sector, civil society, and policymakers, these tailored tools and services support the development of health-related laws and regulations in their countries, fostering practical toolkits for national leaders and supporting them in the drafting of key legal provisions.

Our Work

The Legal Solutions Network, initially focused on universal health care (UHC), is a unique collaboration between the 74th United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Development Programme, UNAIDS, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the World Health Organization, and Georgetown University’s O’Neill Institute, and created its first network to support using law to further the commitments laid out in the political declaration on UHC. The WHO estimates that at least half the world’s population lacks coverage for basic health services. To reach the General Assembly’s 2030 UHC goal, countries must build strong legal frameworks to realize UHC, as highlighted in The Lancet – O’Neill Institute Commission report, The Legal Determinants of Health. Building and implementing a legal framework based on the human right to health can ensure that effective health coverage is extended to all people, including those most marginalized.