Health Affairs  |  January 12, 2022

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Although 2022 has just begun, HHS is already preparing for the 2023 plan year. On December 28, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued its proposed 2023 notice of benefit and payment parameters, which is summarized in three parts here, here, and here. Since then, HHS has issued complementary materials related to the 2023 plan year. This includes the draft letter to insurers in the federally facilitated exchange (FFE) and the actuarial value (AV) calculator and methodology. The draft letter to issuers is of particular note because it includes proposed substantive standards for network adequacy for the 2023 plan year. HHS previously released guidance with the proposed key dates for calendar year 2022, the proposed qualified health plan certification timeline, and the proposed rate review timeline; these timelines are also summarized here.

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